Quick SwingCats FAQs:

Who are we? 

Glad you asked! We are a non-profit, student-run organization at Montana State University. Our passion is not limited to the boundaries of the school – we work with the Bozeman community as well. Read more about us here.


What do we mean by SWING? 

Swing dance, or just “swing”, is an umbrella term used to describe all dances done to the jazz music of the 1920s-40s.  Read more about it on our This Swing Thing page.


Who is this for? 

We may be student-run, but we welcome people of all ages, sizes, colors, beliefs, and backgrounds! Not only do we abide by MSU policy, we want everyone to come and enjoy!


I really don’t dance. Nor do I have anyone to go with…

If you can walk, you can dance…we promise! Everybody has a dancer inside of them! And one of the benefits of social dancing is just that – it’s social! You’re never required to bring a partner to our dances.